How To Handle Used Super Sacks for Reuse

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FIBCs should only be reused within a ‘Closed Loop’ system. In a Closed Loop system the FIBC is cleaned, reconditioned and qualified for reuse to handle the same product in the same application for which the FIBC was originally designed. A Closed Loop system usually involves the cooperation of the manufacturer of the FIBC, the customer purchasing the FIBC and the end user of the FIBC.

To safely reuse FIBCs these guidelines should be followed:

  • Cleaning
    1. Remove all foreign matter from the FIBC’s interior.
    2. Ensure statically held dust is less than 4 ounces total.
    3. Replace liner if applicable.
  • Reconditioning
    1. Replace web ties.
    2. Replace labels and tickets critical to safe FIBC use.
    3. Replace cordlocks if necessary.
  • Reasons for Rejecting a FIBC
    1. Lift strap damage
    2. Contamination
    3. Damp, wet, mold
    4. Wood splinters
    5. Printing is smeared, faded or otherwise unreadable
  • Tracking
    1. The manufacturer should maintain a record of origin, product used in the FIBC and the quantity of uses or turns.
  • Testing
    1. FIBCs should be randomly selected for top lift testing. The frequency and quantity shall be determined by the manufacturer and/or user based on their specific situation.
    2. The top lift testing will be conducted per the latest version of the ISO 21898 standard.
    3. Test results should be maintained by the manufacturer for a minimum of three years.

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