Super Sack Recycling & Bulk Bag Removal

Let us handle your used sacks with our complimentary sack pick-up service

super sack recycling and Removal Service

Super Sack Exchange will help to remove and recycle your sacks, regardless of the strengths, sizes, and types. It is our goal to provide customers with their exact needs, including a zero-cost pickup rate! We service customers across the continental United States, so location will never be an issue! Just follow these simple steps below to get the sack disposal process started.

  • Submit a Sack Request – We made sure that filling out a sack pick up request was as easy as possible. The only information we need is your contact information, the number of sacks you would like to be picked up, the sack type (mixed is OK), and how frequently you generate used sacks. We made sure that you can submit a sack collection request 24 hours, 7 days a week. Once your request has been processed, one of our representatives will contact you to arrange the (zero-cost) pickup for the disposal of your sacks.
  • Gather Pictures – After your sack pickup & recycle request has been processed, the next step is to gather some pictures of the sacks. We do not need a picture of every sack- just need a family style picture of all of the sacks.
  • Receive BOL Confirmation – Once the pictures have been submitted, Super Sack Exchange will issue you a bill of lading (BOL) to confirm the sack pickup. The BOL will have all of the details and shipping logistics, including the pickup date, on the form. If there is anything misprinted on the BOL, please contact a representative at Super Sack Exchange.

Sack Removal Form

This form will allow us to quickly set up an efficient and convenient pallet pick-up program for your business

Super Sack Exchange ensures a zero freight cost for our pallet collection service

We look forward to doing business with you!